Upcoming Workshop!

Moon ceremonies can have different details to them depending on each person who prepares, or engages in one, as well as what month in the year it is, and what each New and Full moon means in relation to the other planets. The general theme of Moon ceremonies is this though: New Moons we set intentions, and start anew – and two weeks later sometimes it can feel like all madness has broken loose. The Full Moon creates a spike in energy, in creativity, but also in negative aspects as well. The Full Moon creates rifts between people as emotions and tempers can flare.

Full Moon Ceremonies are for reconnecting with the intentions set with the New Moon, for allowing the building energy to help ground you once again and help you mend broken relationships, whether with yourself or with others.

The August Full moon is the Sturgeon Full Moon and the theme around this Moon Ceremony is about finding your personal success, while finding this balance in relationships.

On Tuesday, August 8th at 8:30pm I will be hosting a Full Moon Workshop with my friend and Reiki Master Kaya Kayin. The workshop will include holding Restorative Yoga postures to release tension in the body and relax the mind, Kaya will be giving Reiki healings throughout the evening and the night will end with an extended Savasana and Yoga Nidra (Guided Meditation). For those who regularly participate or hold Moon Ceremonies, I feel you will really enjoy the twist Kaya and I have brought to the ritual, and for those new to the idea of Moon Ceremonies РI believe this workshop will be right up your alley, as sometimes Moon Ceremonies can call upon participants to be vocal and vulnerable with one another, and that can be uncomfortable РThis workshop is  for you to focus within, with guidance and love. All we ask of you is to relax, to breath, and to imagine.

Please Sign up online here to reserve your spot!

I hope to see you there!